Mint Legal is a State of Florida certified woman owned/small business concern and a Federally certified Women Owned Small Business (WOSB).

We have offices throughout the State, including Miami, Orlando and Plantation.

Mint has successfully partnered with several software solutions providers which ensures a tailored tool and fit for each client matter. We have the capability to consult our clients in early data assessment, including identification of custodians, data sources, and data location. We can also provide pre-review analysis of data types, sizes and special data issues. Our staff can assist in search term identification and testing in order to reduce document populations. We are experienced at writing effective review protocols and can provide templates or extensive substantive support as needed.

Company Background

Mint Legal Solutions LLC (Mint) is an end to end eDiscovery service provider headquartered in Florida. Mint has offices throughout the state to assist our clients nationwide with a variety of litigation support needs. Mint Legal Solutions LLC is 100% woman and minority owned.

Services include data identification, collection, processing (and culling for review), managed review/document review including but not limited to, physical facilities, review software, contractor staffing, project management, and contractor supervision, and production/delivery of completed work product.

Our philosophy is that in order to succeed and ensure the highest level of commitment in all our endeavors, we must partner with our clients and service providers. Partnering means that we know our suppliers, we know our team and we work to ensure everyone meets their goals. With Mint Legal, you will get a partner-one that will be responsive, flexible, and adaptive to your needs.

  • Too often we have to deal with companies that are so big that you feel like a number. Your problems and issues are not addressed with empathy or focus but with a template, a script or a bump in the line. Mint ensures you deal with the same person from beginning to end of your project. We listen to, and think through, your problems and offer custom solutions. Not packaged “solutions” based on what has been done before for other clients.
  • We understand the requirements of the RFP but also understand that eDiscovery is highly dynamic and things can change overnight. We are flexible enough to flow with your changing needs. This means that you can expect our support on weekends, late nights, and holidays, whenever you need it to meet your goals.
  • Mint has the ability to grow or shrink to handle variable workloads. We can easily add hardware or software to the project as needed. We can scale back or scale up review on short notice.