Our eDiscovery experts can help you:

  • Plan for eDiscovery: early assessment of your company data structure and risk mitigation.
  • Prepare litigation holds: drafting, implementing, reviewing the litigation hold.
  • Liaise between various vendors/service providers: coordinate between outside counsel, corporate client and technology vendor(s).
  • Formulate a discovery strategy: develop a cost efficient strategy to meet your production needs.
  • Prepare collection/processing/review budgets: accurately calculate and anticipate your discovery expenses.
  • Select/screen service providers: vet vendors with appropriately crafted vendor qualification processes.
  • Develop data culling methodology: use searching, clustering, deduplication, and other methods to cull data to a manageable (and defensible) size.
  • Track and monitor a defensible discovery process: provide consistent progress reports, record all case related instructions, quality monitoring and steps taken throughout the discovery process to ensure reasonableness and proportionality.