Reviewing the information that has been reduced through collection and processing is a major task. Many firms and corporate clients outsource this work to specialized service providers like Mint Legal Solutions.

The process of reviewing documents for relevance, privilege and other issues can have significant effects on your case. This is why it is recommended that you employ experts in the field to ensure best practices.

During the review phase, we provide a specialized team of professionals (attorneys, law graduates, paralegals) to read through all of the documents. They make important determinations as to the relevance, privilege status of each document and raise awareness to any special document or class of documents that the legal team should be focusing on.

Document review is usually the phase where a large part of your discovery budget will be spent. A well planned and managed review will help you save costs and produce quality results.

Our team of discovery specialists will help you:

  • Plan the review
  • Select the review team
  • Develop a review protocol (instructions for the review team)
  • Train the review team
  • Monitor and report on progress throughout the review
  • Adjust the review as new information is discovered
  • Prepare privilege logs
  • Plan redaction work
  • Review production specifications
  • Prepare the production