The Mint Team will assist with the various phases of project planning.

Preliminary planning can cover technology and process, the quality plan, rough timelines, etc.

Team Selection

We help coordinate the project team and responsibility assignment.

The selection process may involve several considerations including:

  • Ability to produce quality work on time
  • Experience level and references
  • Ability to integrate with the consumer’s processes
  • Cost considerations
  • Ability to understand and support overall project goals
  • Cultural fit

Detailed Planning

During the Detailed Planning Phase, the integrated project management team will develop a comprehensive plan detailing how the project will be executed.

The detailed plan would address the following areas:

  • Communications plan
  • Workflow plan
  • Detailed specifications (processing specs, database specs, production specs, etc.)
  • Quality plan
  • Project schedule
  • Contingency plan
  • Acceptance plan
  • Security and data disposition plan
  • Other areas the project team deems relevant